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Health Services Forms


Per California Education Code (EC) 49423, any student who is required to take medication during school hours may be assisted by school personnel if the school receives a "Permit toTake Medication in School Form" completed by a California licensed health care provider and the student's parent or guardian. Please schedule medication outside of school hours, if possible. Please check the Moreland School District Website for full information on students and medication at school. 


Illness and Injury

Please visit the Moreland School District Illness & Injury Guidelines page for full details on recommendations and procedures on illness and injury for school children. 

A child returning to school after an injury (i.e. surgery, hospitalization, wheelchair, or casts) must have a doctor’s note to return to school.  This note must be given to the office before the child can resume regular classroom instruction.   If there are any restrictions or activity limitations (i.e. exclusion from participating in physical education or recess) or precautions, the doctor’s note must include this information.


Community Resources



Immunizations must be complete, or up-to-date (next dose is not due yet), at the time of registration.  A child who is missing required shots may be admitted conditionally if he/she is missing a dose(s) in a series, but the next dose is not due yet.  This means the child has received at least one dose in a series and the deadline for the next dose is not passed. 


Employee Interaction with Students

In compliance with AB 500, Moreland is posting its Board Policy on Professional Standards that covers employee interactions with pupils.  To read the policy, click below.