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School Safety

Your child’s education and their health and well-being are of the utmost importance to all Moreland Middle School staff members. We do all we can to emphasize physical and emotional safety and promote wellness at MMS. 

Safe Facilities
Foundational to instruction within the Moreland School District is a commitment to providing a safe learning environment for students. The passage of Measure M has resulted in continuing improvements to our facilities, ensuring that MMS’s classrooms and our facility is energy-efficient and equipped with up-to-date technology. MMS has a beautiful new quad area with a recently installed shade structure that is enjoyed by our entire school community. 

School Safety Plans
MMS regularly updates our school safety plan, and our faculty members are thoroughly trained on how to keep children safe and calm during unusual events such as an earthquake or power outage. In any emergency situation, we first take care of our students to ensure their safety and then contact family members to inform them of the situation, using a variety of methods such as Aeries Communication, email, or telephone. 

Note: The Comprehensive School Safety Plan is updated annually in October.

Internet Safety
The Moreland School District is committed to providing our students access to cutting-edge instructional technology tools. The use of technology for the purpose of instruction provides our students with learning opportunities that extend well beyond the walls of the classroom. For students, the use of technology in the classroom is for educational purposes, such as accessing curriculum-related information, sharing resources, and promoting innovation in learning.  Learning how to use technology is a vital part of creating exemplary learners with the skills to succeed in the 21st century.  

No personal or unauthorized use of district technology tools or services is permitted.


Safe Learning Environment
One of the most effective ways to ensure student safety is to create an environment of mutual respect and support among students. We therefore teach children how to express their feelings and concerns in a constructive and positive way. Social-emotional wellness is an area of emphasis at MMS. Faculty members are trained and expected to treat each other and our students in a similarly positive fashion to help contribute to a school-wide culture of respect and support.

We employ evidence-based practices provided through a variety of means to ensure that our students develop competency in their social-emotional skills. The majority of our practices are designed with the PBIS framework in mind.